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Medium Cars

For those needing some space for the family, without wanting to give up driver enjoyment, this segment is for you. We take a look at medium and premium medium cars to bring you the best value.
A medium-sized car, or mid-sized car, is what is known in the industry as a D-segment vehicle.
In the past, they were well under 4.5 metres long and under 1.8 metres in width, but today they regularly approach 4.8 metres and often exceed this.
A mid-sized car may not quite have the width of a large car, but this is only really obvious if you need to carry a large child or adult in the middle-rear seat. Otherwise, there is almost as much legroom and headroom in a medium sized car as there are in bigger vehicles.

Fuel consumption benefits because most medium-sized cars weigh less than their larger-car counterparts. Mid-sized cars are also slightly shorter usually, making them easier to place and park, and do not take up as much space in a garage or parking spot as a result.
Finally, medium sized cars seem to have a better resale value rating than their larger-car brethren, as many people are concerned about the excess and waste that bigger vehicles are synonymous with.

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